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I am: Mathias/Mat/Token Male/I Don't Have a Hip Internet Nickname @ mechamummy

I Play: Kodachi Kuno (getrhythmic), Stacy Rowe (ifuwant2bloved), Ty Lee (head_overheels)

I Used To Play: Steven Hyde (deadbeatgoeson), Hidan (feelsyourpain), Takashi Kamiyama (justicesquared)

Contact: I am usually on IRC as TyLee though not always like I used to be. Otherwise I am on gmail/gchat as tokyomagnum@gmail.com, and AIM as goteamseaslug.

EMERGENCY Contact: ... uh. I dunno. Katara and Zuko both have me on gchat and they're who I talk to most regularly on it so maybe them? This is where I fail, I am the hopeless social recluse of the Seattle crew.

Availability: I am generally around on IRC most weekends and late afternoons/evenings, PST! And I'm on gchat... pretty much whenever I am not asleep, in transit, or in a class where hiding behind my laptop isn't encouraged. And half of the time I'm on gchat when I'm asleep, I just forget to switch statuses or go invisible.

Timezone/Language: PST, English.

The Playing Experience: I am not as fast at tagging as I once was! I really can't explain why. But this is a thing I am going to work on getting back on track with. I am generally good for either casual stuff or humor or serious business (seriously I think I have put Ty Lee through more teenage angst than Ty Lee should ever be put through. IT'S ALL ZUKO'S FAULT I mean... no, that's what I mean).

Goals: Get my characters on track. Thread with new people! Make connections! My biggest problem over the past six months is that I've been coasting on established relationships and given that for two out of my three characters most of those established relationships are not in camp anymore this is a problem.

Betaing: I rarely volunteer anymore because I'm a college student now and I just don't have the presence of mind. But if asked I always will and I try to give useful crit, generally in the areas of app flow and whether I'm really sold on the character being in camp and what makes them unique and awesome, because those are the things I often tend to vote based on.

AUs: ... aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, gosh. Sex AUs will probably never happen, especially considering who... well, all of my characters are, really. Post-camp AUs or what-have-you I would be very down for, though.

Pimping: I don't think I've... ever done a pimping post! I am not good at pimping my canons to other people. And I don't know how well pimping at me actually works, if at all. Ty Lee is my only app that was like "______ is playing ______ in CFUD and so I must play _______." I do love watching/reading/checking out new things, though! Even if I already have a Netflix queue that exceeds two-hundred DVDs, um.

Other: Sometimes I start talking about professional wrestling for minutes on end. Just smile and nod, I'll move on eventually.


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Feb. 26th, 2010 06:49 pm (UTC)
We need a new game to rival over.

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